Phoenix Fire Protection

Phoenix Fire Protection services is a multifaceted company which specialises in a total turnkey Fire Protection Solution. While our head office is based in Port Elizabeth, we are not limited to working in a specific area. We are equipped and ready to work anywhere that our services are required.

Phoenix offers a variety of solutions to clients, which include; 

Fire Protection Consultancy

A complete service which includes but is not limited to Rational Fire Design, Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Safety Compliance and Project Management.

Fire Evacuation plans and procedures

Compliant with all standards and regulations both national and international depending on individual clients requirements.

Design, Installation and Maintenance

We design, install and maintain all Fire Fighting Equipment to ensure that people and assets are protected against fire risk. This service can include monthly and quarterly inspections as required by Fire Safety Regulations. This includes;

  • Fire Suppression Systems (Water, gas and aerosol)
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Fire Fighting Foam Systems & Equipment
  • Sales, Service and maintenance of Extinguishers, Hose Reels & Hydrants
  • Training
  • Medical Emergency Equipment
  • Fire Protection for Mines
  • Security Equipment
  • Occupational Health & Safety



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