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Foamer Brand AFFF-3 is a superior for extinguishing flammable hydrocarbon fires at a unique 3% induction ration
(3parts of concentrate and 97 parts of water)


When stored in the packaging supplied (polyethylene drums or pails) and within the temperature limits specified, the shelf life of Foamer Brand AFFF-3 concentrate is about 10-15 years.  Maximum recommended storage temperature is up to 65°C.  If the product is frozen during storage or transportation, thawing will render the product completely usable. Mixing after freeze thaw cycling is recommended.

Material of Construction

Foam concentrates have neutral pH and generally no corrosion problem will occur with metals or plastic.  Recommended construction materials are stainless steel (Type 304 or 316), high density cross linked polyethylene(HDPE) or reinforce polyester(isopthalic) polyester resin, epoxy resin) with a vinyl ester resin internal layer coating (50-100 mils).

Fittings in foam concentrate pumps and valves may be made from Brass (Red Brass, normal Brass) bronze or gunmetal.


Foamer Brand AFFF-3 is compatible with a wide range of conventional foams including most protein and fluoro-protein foams and can be applied simultaneously with other types of foams and dry powders for separate application, or as a twinagent.

Conforming to:

  • ICAO.DOC.9137-AN 898 (Part I)
  • US MMIL-F-24385
  • ISO:7203-1
  • IMO:MSC/CIRC.1312


Foamer Brand AFFF-3 is available in:

  • UV protected 20L, 30L capacity HDPE pails or
  • 200L capacity HDPE drums as per IS 7959.

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