Polly Trolley SL35-50 - Drivable CAFS extinguisher

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When every second counts, then the portable CAFS extinguisher is the ideal extinguishing system. In practical use, the POLY TROLLEY SL35-50 impresses above all through its powerful CAFS firefighting equipment as well as its unique functionality and, in combination with numerous available options, it can also be customized for your operation-specific requirements.


Independent system

  • Works entirely independent from external energy sources and technical systems and is therefore always reliably and permanently ready for action

User-friendly start-up

  • Easy and fast start-up by turning the compressed air bottle valve and actuating the CAFS nozzle

Wide range of applications

  • Suitable for direct fire fighting of solid and liquid fires as well as for preventative protection of objects at risk of fire

Easy to use

  • Simple extinguishing procedure that saves extinguishing agent due to the CAF sticking to the flammable object and evaporating on the hot surface

Large action radius

  • Large safety distance between the user and the flammable object as well as fighting of fires in inaccessible areas

Excellent extinguishing performance

  • Rapid extinguishing success as well as excellent burnback safety thanks to the thorough and highly efficient mode of action of the CAFS
  • Minimal fire damage through immediate suppression of flames as well as low water damage through complete evaporation of the water bound in the CAF foam
  • Large extinguishing agent capacity with equal water volume due to active foam expansion

One-off maintenance

  • Can be operated with environmentally-friendly, fluorine- free foam compounds due to the separate foam compound cartridge
  • Especially easy to repair by separate filling of the extinguishing agent tank as well as the separate foam compound cartridge without having to account for mixing ratios
  • Extremely low maintenance costs due to the separate foam compound cartridge, which allows for longer extinguishing agent intervals compared to ready-to-use water-foam compound mixtures


 Technical data - Model POLY TROLLEY SL35 /  POLY TROLLEY SL50

Technical Data / Specifications - Polly Trolley SL35-50 Drivable CAFS extinguisher

  1. Test was performed with these foam compounds (Use of other foam compounds is possible)
  2. Depending on foam compound used

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