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Foamer Brand FFFP (Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foam Concentrate) combines the fire fighting efficiency of conventional AFFF for rapid knock down and burn-back resistance of Protein Foam. Foamer Brand FFFP concentrate is produced from hydrolysed Protein Foam Compound with preservatives and special type of fluorinated surface active agent which imparts good synergistic effect and also many other advantages as outlined below, over ordinary Protein Foam and makes it suitable for protection of high risk areas:


  • Strong Foam Blankek, Stable & heat resistant tesistant to re-ignition,
  • Long shelf life, usable as pre-mix,
  • sub zero pour point,
  • No detergent,
  • Biodegradable,
  • Excellent fuel shedding property
  • Quality not affected by freezing / thawing
  • Compatible with fresh / sea water and with dry powder and suitable for use and a twin agent

High Risk Protection

Civil and military aviations, oil refineries, offshore oil platforms, oil tankers, bulk fuel oil storage etc.

Method of application

  • Low & medium expansion branch pipes and monitors
  • Non-aspirated spray
  • Fog branch pipes
  • Fog sprinklers and monitors
  • Top Pouring and Sub-Surface Injection
  • Foam/Water Sprinklers

Induction rate

Foamer Brand FFFP 6%- 6 parts of concentrate and 94 parts of water.


If stored in original container, 5 years guaranteed shelf-life. Freezing/Thawing does not change the quality. Recommended storing temperature should be (-)15°C to 60°C.

Meterial of Construction

Foamer Brand FFFP concentrates have neutral pH and generally no corrosion problem will occur with metals or plastic. Recommended construction materials are stainless steel (Type 304 or 316), high density cross linked polyethylene(HDPE) or reinforce polyester(isopthalic) polyester resin, epoxy resin) with a vinyl ester resin internal layer coating (50-100 mils).

Fittings in foam concentrate pumps and valves may be made from Brass (Red Brass, normal Brass) bronze or gunmetal.

Approvals and Markings

  • Licensed for certification markings by Bureau of indian Standards
  • EN 1568-3 

Conforming to:

  • ICAO Specification
  • UK DEFENCE Specification 42-40/ Issue1
  • UL 162 (Underwriters Laboratories Inc)
  • ISO 7203-1
  • IMO MSC /Circ. 1312


Ordering Information

Foamer Brand FFFP is available in:

  • UV protected 20L, 30L capacity HDPE pails or
  • 200L capacity HDPE drums as per IS 7959.

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