Hi Expansion Foam Generator

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Portable High-Expansion Foam Generators are designed to expand foam solution into millions of tiny stable bubbles and may be used for total flooding applications involving three-dimensional hazards. These generators may also be used for local application on spill fires or for vapor suppression.

Little water is required to generate large quantities of expanded foam therefore water damage is minimized. The potential for hazardous run-off is reduced as compared to sprinkler systems requiring a large volume of water. If the foam is allowed to dissipate, a very minute residue will be found which can easily be cleaned up.

Common applications for this equipment include warehouses, ship holds, engine rooms, machinery spaces, electric cable ducting, mining, communications switching rooms, basements, cellars and enclosed spaces, aircraft hangers LNG spill fires and vapor suppression, and smoke extraction (with optional smoke extraction ducting).

High Expansion Generators require no other source of power such as electricity or gasoline engines. They are powered by the foam solution driving a hydraulic (water) motor.

Available in varying sizes and capacities.


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