Repair Instructions for Fire Hose

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Put the hose that needs repairing on the support. Attach the hose so that the leakage is placed on the edge. Cut a hole around the leak, with a diameter of 8mm.

By making circular movements with a rotary grinding wheel, the inside of the hose will be cleaned. This movement makes the inside rougher. Replace the hose in order to put the leakage on the smooth side and fix it in the middle of the support.

Before the outside of the hose can be cleaned, put the patch on the hose, so that it is placed centralized on the leakage, and mark it's position with a pen. Use a rotating metal brush to remove the lines (which give extra abrasion resistance).  Attention, do not use too much force on the metal brush, so that the fabric will not be damaged.

Setting Temperature

Stenor Merlins are factory set at 165áµ’C. This is the temperature for repairing hoses type 1, 2 and 3.  If you wish to change this operating temperature, follow the instructions below:

Press SEL until display reads "ST1".  Release SEL to display current set point (flashing).  Change set point using Ë… ^ .  Return to actual termperature display by pressing SEL.
NB: During temperature setting the internal alarm may sound to show that the controller is awaiting input, this may be silenced by pressing mute.

Setting Times

Stenor Merlins are factory set.
If these have been altered, and you want to return to factory settings, follow the instructions below:
> Press PRG and the display shows "ST1" (this is the Alarm Time).
> Press SEL and  Ë… ^  to set to desired time (40.00)
> Press PRG and the display shows "ST2" (this is the Heating Time).
> Press SEL and  Ë… ^  to set to desired time (20.00)
> Press PRG to return to display mode.
Once the times have been set the Merlin can be controlled using only the ON/OFF and MODE switches.

Take the patch for inner repair. Position the patch in the way mentioned here above.

Make sure the patch is on the perfect spot by using the nylon wires. Put the support, together with the fire hose, on the vulcanizing machine. Remove the nylon wire while the patch is being held at the right spot.

Put the protection sheet on to the hose before closing the vulcanising machine. As soon as a temperature of 165áµ’C is reached, the warm plate and the fire hose need to be pressed together. Vulcanize the hose during 10 minutes.

Take the patch for external repair and remove the protection film. Put the patch central on the leakage. Vulcanize during 10 minutes at 165áµ’C.

While the fire hose is still pressed in the support, the vulcanizing machine needs a 20 minute cool down. Afterwards, withdraw the fire hose or prepare a new cycle to start a new repair.

Open the vulcanizing machine. The inner and outer patch are perfectly "glued" together.  The fire hose is once agin ready to be used.


1. Localize the leakage and clean the fire hose at the inside and ouside.
2. Vulcanize the inner patch during 10 min at 165áµ’C
3. Vulcanize the outer patch during 10 min at 165áµ’C
4. Put the vulcanizing machine to cool down during 20 min while the hose is still pressed.

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